Advantages of On Site Shredding

30 May 2018

Ever wonder what shredding service is best when you’re looking to get your secure documents destroyed? Have you seen the options available, read reviews, and found yourself looking at the on-site options? Chances are this is the most popular option offered by your shredding company of choice. If you’re wondering why this is the case, then read on, and wonder no more.

Witnessing the Shred Process

The handling of sensitive information can be a tricky subject. People are rightfully careful with their files and often times are uncomfortable with having to hand records over to an unknown person for shredding. Why? It requires a lot of trust on behalf of the client, and sometimes they will worry about how complete the destruction was, if it even happened at all. For some, that level of trust is a bit too much, and they will choose instead to hold on to files or try shredding records themselves. This can lead to an entire other host of problems.

However, when you choose an on-site shredding option, these issues are addressed in the best way. A mobile shred truck comes right to your location to carry out the shredding; everything is done right before your eyes. Since you’re able to watch the entire shred process you can rest easy knowing everything is on the up and up. In addition to seeing your records being loaded into the truck, the shredders have an internal camera installed so you can see the papers being shredded on a external monitor as it’s happening. We’ve found this to be the best way to reassure our clients’ peace of mind and gain their trust.

Extremely Convenient

It probably doesn’t need to be spelled out, but having the option for a service to come to your location at a time of your choosing is extremely convenient. By not having to worry about locating your nearest shred facility, pack up, and haul old files out to it, you’ll save yourself time and effort. Minimal effort, maximum results is the best way to get rid of unwanted documents.

This service also makes it possible for us to offer scheduled shredding services for clients who need consistent shredding performed often. It’s impractical for an organization to handle the disposal of mass records regularly themselves by hauling them out to a facility. Getting it taken care of for you offers the best combination of security and minimal interruption to your work flow.

Requesting Shredding

If you’re convinced about the benefits of on-site shredding, reach out to us and schedule a day and time for service. Here at Tri-State Shredding we are Pennsylvania’s #1 secure paper shredding service provider.

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