paper shred
07 December 2021

What Should Your Business Be Shredding Today?

  Paper is something we all have lying around. Whether it’s bills, files, manuals, etc. It might feel overwhelming when you think of shredding or filing it all away. However, one thing is certain, if your business stores sensitive information in paper format. Here are some documents that your business must shred immediately 1. Legal […]

man is shredding paper
08 November 2021

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Shred Professionally

  Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Shred Professionally Any sensitive records that you develop as a business owner are your responsibility. Credit reports, applications, and other papers containing personal information fall under this category. Your company might be held accountable for the violation of privacy if such papers get into the wrong hands. Getting […]

Hard Drive Destruction
29 October 2021

Why You Need to Hire a Hard Drive Destruction Company

  Why You Need to Hire a Hard Drive Destruction Company How does your company manage old hard drives? Whether you are upgrading your infrastructure, or simply just getting rid of outdated hard rives in the workplace, it’s vital that you take the necessary steps to eliminate any risks associated with data breaches. Although you […]

What to Know if Your Business Has Experienced a Data Breach
09 September 2021

What to Know if Your Business Has Experienced a Data Breach

Any organization that suffers a data breach is going to face a very stressful and difficult time. No organization wants to experience such a thing, and we do not blame them! Breach can put you at risk financially as well as damage your reputation, which can be hard to overcome. Despite our growing awareness of […]

Working From Home? Be Sure You’re Staying Secure Online
31 August 2021

Working From Home? Be Sure You’re Staying Secure Online

As the pandemic has contributed to many everyday changes, one major change stands out in particular; the way in which people have had to shift from working in an office setting, to  performing their day-to-day job from home. Sure, in some cases this is a regular luxury but for others, this is completely unfamiliar territory […]

Secure Document Shredding for Financial Institutions
30 July 2021

Secure Document Shredding for Financial Institutions

Bank operations and management require an endless number of procedures and accountability structures. One of the most valuable services a financial institution can provide is the ability to keep customer information confidential. Documents with sensitive information should be securely shredded to keep information private, especially when they deal with financial information, as Banks and other […]

residential shredding
12 July 2021

Protect Yourself: Don’t Make These Three Residential Shredding Mistakes

Increasingly, Americans are shredding personal and professional documents once they’re no longer needed. An age when identity theft is on the rise is a time when every precaution makes it less likely that you’ll have to deal with the hassle of recovering your identity or regaining access to your accounts. Document destruction, or the decision […]

05 July 2021

How You Can Use Scheduled Shredding to Your Advantage

Many businesses dismiss professional document shredding as just another optional service. Shredding your documents isn’t exactly glamorous. The truth is, however, that business owners can make a huge mistake if they fail to see the opportunities that continuous shredding can bring them. As experts in the field, we’d like to share a few secrets with […]

hard drive destruction
26 June 2021

Hard Drives Require Secure Destruction: 5 Reasons Why

Today more than ever before, we rely on our digital devices to essentially carry out almost all aspects of our lives.  Whether this means to get our jobs done, shop online, pay our bills, or socialize through social platforms, it’s safe to say everyone has at least one device they use on a daily basis. […]

identity theft
17 June 2021

Paper Shredding Services – Prevent Thieves From Stealing Your Identity

Secure document shredding isn’t one of those tasks that many people think of when they’re seeking new ways to save money and improve their office security. However, just tossing an important document into the garbage or recycling bin puts both your company and a consumer at risk for expensive lawsuits and identity theft. Paper shredding […]