Why Shred? Protection From Identity Theft

Paper shredding

What you should know

Theft, vandalism, and industrial espionage are becoming ever increasing security problems. Today’s information explosion can be devastating to your business. With the increased use of office copiers and computers, staggering amounts of sensitive information are being generated and carelessly discarded.

Outdated or inactive company files can also become damaging once they have reached their legal limit of retention. Shredding this information protects you and your company against potential lawsuits.

The Supreme Court has ruled that information in your trash is “fair game” to anyone. These laws make you vulnerable to law suits when personal records are disclosed to outsiders by accident.

The 1974 federal privacy act was established to ensure that government agencies protect the privacy of individuals and businesses with regard to information held by them and to hold these agencies liable if any information is released without authorization.

Identity theft has affected one in five people.

When do you need Tri-State Shredding?

You might shred every day, once a week, once a month, quarterly, or once a year. Tri-State Shredding will meet your needs!

Why Tri-State Shredding?

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