Off Site Shredding

Off Site Shredding Experts

Tri-State offers Off Site Shredding to businesses and residents in Pennsylvania. Our local services are an ideal solution to all your shredding needs. Do you have a bunch of records due for destruction but you’re not sure the best way to go about it? Worry no more, Tri-State Shredding can send a truck to your location to pick up and remove your papers to our secure shred facility.

Prefer to drop off your files yourself? Swing by our secure shredding facility and hand your documents over to us. The files will be imminently brought over to the shredder machine and destroyed. Feel free to watch as it happens!

How it Works

Getting in Touch

When you first get in touch, we’ll need to determine if you require a onetime clean out or shredding on a schedule. One-time clean outs are perfect for clients who produce a low quantity of secure records over a long period. If you find yourself quickly producing a large amount of records then you’ll need a regular scheduled shredding service.

Lockable Containers

Tri-State can provide you with a number of secure shredding containers to act as lockable storage for files waiting shredding. These containers come in a variety of sizes and styles, which ones you need and the number required will be worked out based on what best fits your needs. They are then placed in strategic locations around your business to ensure ease of access, making sure you don’t suffer any loss in productivity.

If you prefer to bring your files to our facility in person, then our secure bin may not be necessary for your needs. We do highly recommend you consider one of our bins to ensure your own security and peace of mind.

Arriving For Pick Up

Once the details of your service have been figured out it’ll be time to shred! Whether this is your one-time clean out or a scheduled on going service, we follow the same procedure once we arrive.

The Tri-State Off site Shredding Process

  • Our shredder truck will arrive at the time and location specified by you
  • A uniformed staff member will greet you and ask to be show the documents due for shredding
  • Your records will be emptied into a secure shred bin and moved outside to the truck
  • The bin is then loaded onto the secure truck
  • The material is then transported to our facility for shredding
  • You will be provided a Certificate of Destruction once shredding is complete
  • All material is then sent for environmentally friendly disposal

If you’re dropping off then the process is even simpler!

  • A uniformed staff member will greet you and collect your documents
  • The documents will be placed in a secure bin and brought to the shredder
  • Files are then loaded into the shredder and destroyed
  • You will be provided a certificate of destruction once shredding is complete
  • All material is then sent for environmentally friendly disposal

Observe the whole process for yourself and ensure your peace of mind by knowing your secure records have been destroyed.

Don’t worry about how large or small your requirements are; reach out to Tri-State Shredding if you have questions, or better yet, start secure shredding today!