Scheduled Document Shredding

Schedule Shredding As Often As You Need It

Some businesses and residents in Pennsylvania require frequent shredding services but are frustrated by the need to constantly reach out and make arrangements. Tri-State Shredding brings scheduled services that cuts out the hassle of constantly booking appointments. Don’t suffer undo stress by realizing you’ve fallen behind on your shredding requirements.

Regular and Reliable

When you get ongoing service you will be able to count on our professional and friendly staff to come by and take care of your needs. We’ll service your shredding needs on a time frame that works best for your needs. Be it weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or another time frame of your choosing; we will accommodate your needs. Whether you’re looking for on site shredding services or if you’d prefer to have the shredding done off site, Tri-State has your needs covered.

Benefit From Increased Security with No Loss in Efficiency

Ongoing regular service eliminates the worry of staying on top of your shredding requirements from the minds of our clients. Regardless of the size or shredding needs of your business, if you find yourself stacking up secure records on a time frame, scheduled services will take care of all your shredding needs. Don’t waste any more time on having to keep records organized and secure; we’ll provide you with special equipment that will take care of all this for you.

Stay Compliant

Ensure you’re staying compliant with state and federal regulations by using our Certified shredding services. We’ll help you stay secure and worry-free.

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