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Document Shredding Services Colonial Park

Tri-State shredding offers professional document shredding services to the Colonial Park area. We offer on-site and off-site secure disposal of your sensitive documents to best suit your needs. No matter how large or small the job is, we’ll do it all!
Not only do we offer shredding services for businesses, but we also offer services to the public for residential matters.


On Site Shredding Service

We’re specialists in on-site shredding services. We provide secure, convenient shredding right to your business or residence. Whether you require regular service or a one-time purge, we have you covered.

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Off Site Shredding Service

Alternatively, at Tri-State Shredding, we offer off-site shredding services to businesses in the Colonial Park area. If you have a lot of documents you wish to shred t our facility, we can have them picked up by our team and we will accommodate your needs. We will be available to pick up your confidential documents immediately. Our facility features top of the line shred equipment, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of your sensitive documents. There’s no need to worry about how large or how small your requirements are; we can accommodate you.

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Scheduled Document Shredding

Depending on the number of confidential documents your Colonial Park business accumulates, you may require scheduled shredding. Tri-State Shredding offers ongoing, scheduled services to eliminate the hassle of booking appointments. Scheduled shredding appointments are one of the best ways of preventing forgetfulness. If you’re managing a business, you have a lot to worry about already! Take away the added stress of booking appointments.


What are the Benefits of Scheduled Document Shredding?

  • Regular and reliable service
  • Increased security with no loss in business productivity
  • Remain compliant with federal privacy regulations
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Hard Drive Destruction

With the increase of technology, disposing of old hard drives and electronics is essential. Despite deleting data off your devices, information is easily recovered, putting you at risk of a data breach. We provide physical hard drive destruction, ensuring your data is permanently unrecoverable. The destruction process occurs at your Colonial Park location, where the device will be crushed into tiny fragments. Physical hard drive destruction is your best defense against a data breach.

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Why Tri-State Shredding?

There are a ton of reasons to choose Tri-State Shredding for your Colonial Park business. Here are a few:


We’re Affordable

Our services are affordable and we’re transparent with the cost of our services. We offer a flat rate per security bin, so you won’t have to guess the price. You can rest easy knowing that you will receive the price of your service every time.


We Save You Time

Using an office shredder not only wastes time, but it is not as secure as using a shredding service. Office shredders aren’t designed to shred a significant volume of paper and often break down or require maintenance. We’re here to destroy your sensitive documents securely and safely.


We Offer Lockable Containers

We can provide secure shredding containers to act as lockable storage for documents ready for shredding, available in various sizes. Whether you choose on-site or off-site shredding, we determine which bins are most suited to your needs based on paper use and disposal levels. We recommend you place these bins in accessible areas for your employees.


Confidentiality is Our Top Priority

At Tri-State Shredding, we care about protecting your confidential documents. Shredding is conducted by our trained specialists who have received a background check for your safety. All information is protected from the moment it leaves your Colonial Park business. After the destruction process, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction, outlining when and where the destruction took place, as well as acknowledging that it was executed according to industry standards.

We guarantee 100% security over your documents.


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