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Identity theft is a real, unfortunate and threatening crime, that doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. In fact, we hear of information theft cases on the news all of the time in the United States, and even throughout the Hanover PA region. Due to cases rising at a rapid pace, it is more important today than ever before to take the necessary measures in protecting your business, customers, and employees from the threats associated with this crime.

Why Shred Your Confidential Documents?

Simply put, secure destruction is the only method of disposal that guarantees information is 100% unrecoverable. With that said, it should be done through a professional document shredding company like Tri-State Shredding, for shredding you can count on and trust. This is the most effective step in reducing the risks associated with information theft, and it’s the easiest decision you can make! Documents that have reached the end of their life-cycle or are no longer relevant to your business, should be securely disposed of through professional shredding. Tossing these documents in your recycling bin or worse, garbage, only invites the potential for danger to appear. If documents are discovered by the wrong individual who is seeking such confidential details to commit crime, you could be in serious trouble from both a reputation standpoint and a financial/legal one.

Keep in mind that securing information refers to more than just your old documents; electronic data such as what is stored on old hard drives, must also be destroyed in a proper manner. Electronic data if exposed, can be just as threatening as paper documents which means you need to be proactive in ensuring your company is adopting hard drive destruction services as well. Did you know that one single hard drive alone, can hold up to thousands of files?  you have a legal obligation to keep your clients and employees’ identity protected, and if files pertaining to them are discovered on an old hard drive, you could be found responsible for this discovery if you did not take adequate steps in destroying this information.

How Can Tri-State Shredding Keep Your Hanover Business Secure?

When you decide to partner with the professionals at Tri-State Shredding, you can have confidence in our training and expertise; we guarantee a strict chain of custody in everything we do.  We can happily state that we are positive your Hanover business and residents will be more than satisfied with our professionalism and experience; protecting your security comes before all else and we work hard to make this happen throughout the entire process.

Reliable and Efficient Service

Remain Compliant with Privacy Legislation

Enhance Security Levels with Regular Document Shredding  

Many businesses in Hanover could benefit from regular scheduled document shredding, but it can be a nuisance having to call and request service each and every time. Ongoing document shredding removes this hassle all together because you won’t even have to think about when your next shredding service is scheduled; it will all be predetermined for you so you can focus on business duties and not on processes that require your time and effort. Regardless of your shredding pile or service needs, if you notice documents piling up on desks or spilling out from cabinets, it is probable that a scheduled collection service may be exactly what you need! Through our document shredding services, you will also benefit from secure solutions that allow you to manage old documents. Such solutions include lockable shred bins that are specifically designed to keep sensitive information under lock and key to reduce chances of missing or stolen documents.

Secure Shred Bins Keep Information Safe

When customers choose our scheduled shredding services, it is imperative that the necessary storage is in place before items are collected for shredding. Secure shred bins and containers offer the best solution to keep your records safe under lock and key, while they await your shredding appointment.  Tri-State Shredding supplies clients with a variety of bins and containers depending on your tastes, space, disposal needs, and of course budget. These containers include consoles with bags, small and large bins on wheels and larger consoles. All are built with locks for guaranteed confidentiality.


Document Shredding Solutions

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Hard Drive Destruction Services

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If you are in the Hanover area would like to outsource your document shredding or hard drive destruction needs to a company that promises security, please get in touch today to speak to our team regarding your options. We will design a collection schedule that is ideal for your needs, regardless of your budget and location.

Our professional solutions are in place to keep you safe from non-compliance fines and the potential to fall victim to information theft.

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