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Tri-State Shredding is Huntingdon’s #1 paper shredding service provider. Tri-State Shredding will look after the secure disposal of your sensitive documents through professional document shredding that can be done both on-site and off-site; you choose the method that best suits your needs and well handle the rest. No matter how large or small your shredding job is, we will look after it all. Require shredding for personal, residential matters? We also provide shredding solutions to the public as part of our residential shredding services.


On Site Shredding Service

Tri-State Shredding offers secure on site shredding for the highest level of convenience. We’ll bring the shredding directly to your location, performing the shredding via our mobile shred trucks. Documents are loaded onto the truck and destroyed immediately, right before your eyes. We’ll provide you with lockable collection bins that are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Use these to safely dispose of your sensitive documents, prior to shredding. With on-site document shredding, you may feel free to watch the shredding process from start to finish for peace of mind. All shredded paper is then collected for recycling purposes.

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Off Site Shredding Service

Tri-State Shredding also provides off-site document shredding solutions to those businesses throughout the Huntingdon area. If you have a collection of documents to shred, they can be picked up by our professional team, not to worry; we can be at your location immediately, to collect these sensitive records. Our shredding facility features industry-leading shred equipment, ensuring security is maximized and sensitive documents are never compromised.

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Scheduled Document Shredding

In some cases, Huntingdon businesses and residents will require frequent shredding services due to the volume of documents that increase by the day. Tri-State Shredding offers ongoing, scheduled services to eliminate the hassle of booking appointments. No more need to stress over your shredding requirements; we’ll set up a schedule that’s appropriate for your needs and one that keeps you organized and clutter-free.


Why Scheduled Document Shredding?

  • Regular and reliable service
  • Benefit from increased security with no loss in business productivity
  • Stay compliant with federal privacy regulations
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Why Tri-State Shredding?


Unlike many shredding companies, we provide a flat rate per security bin, removing any guessing work. You’ll know exactly how much your document shredding service is, each and every time. Our services are affordable and most of all keep you in compliance with important legislation



An office shredder requires employee time to operate the process, which means employee wages are being given to shred paper; a task that should be left to the professionals. These office shredders are simply not designed to shred a significant volume of paper, and therefore often break down requiring maintenance and/or replacement. More costs to your business that are unnecessary and a nuisance to deal with.


Lockable Containers

Tri-State can provide you with a number of secure shredding containers to act as lockable storage for documents requiring shredding. Whether you choose our on-site or off-site service option, we provide these containers in various sizes and styles. We can help you determine which are most suitable based on paper use and disposal levels. These bins are then placed in strategic areas throughout your business to ensure ease of access, making sure you don’t suffer any loss in productivity.


Maintain Confidentiality

Our document shredding services ensure your privacy is protected throughout the entire process. We follow a strict-chain-of-custody and shredding is completed by trained specialists who have been screened and background checked for your safety. All information remains protected from the minute it is collected from your Huntingdon business to the minute it is destroyed; we guarantee 100% security over your documents. Upon completion, we provide our clients with a Certificate of Destruction, outlining when and where the shredding took place and that it was executed as per industry standards. Keep this document for your records and general peace of mind.


Hard Drive Destruction

We shred more than just paper; do you have old hard drives or other electronic devices that need to be disposed of safely? Deleting data is not the way to go; in fact, information is easily recoverable putting you at risk of theft and/or data breach. We provide physical hard drive destruction services that guarantee data is unrecoverable, permanently. The destruction process takes place directly at your Huntingdon location, where the device will be crushed into tiny fragments, ensuring total destruction. Don’t leave your electronic data vulnerable! We will shred your documents and hard drives!

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