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Identity theft is real, and it is an ongoing issue that businesses across Lancaster and the rest of the U.S must face every day. Since rates are increasing at a rapid pace, it is imperative as a business owner to do everything in your power to protect your company and clients from the risk of identity theft.


Why Shred?

The most reliable and efficient means to protect yourself from identity theft is through professional, document destruction. Documents that are no longer serving your business or that are outdated and have reached the end of their retention period, need to be disposed of in a safe manner. Tossing them in your garbage or recycling bin is simply not the answer and could put you in a threatening position if information is stolen and used against you or your clients. Not only should you be considering your documents, but it is important to destroy electronic media appropriately too. This means, old hard drives kicking around should also be securely collected and shred to remove the possibility of data leakage. Failing to do so leaves your business and clients vulnerable and could lead to unforeseen financial trouble if you are found liable.


Why Choose Tri-State Shredding for Your Lancaster Business?

When you make the decision to partner with Tri-State Shredding, you’re choosing a service in Lancaster you can rely on to complete the job with professionalism; protecting your security is always at the forefront of every process we carry out.


Regular and Reliable

Remain Compliant

Benefit from Increased Security with Regular Shredding Services

Some businesses and residents in Lancaster require frequent shredding services but are frustrated by the need to constantly reach out for scheduling. Ongoing regular service limits the worry of staying on top of your shredding requirements from the minds of our clients. Regardless of the size or shredding needs of your company, if you find yourself storing information away continuously, a scheduled collection service may be exactly what you need to look after this. Forget spending your efforts on maintain your records any longer; through our document shredding services you will also benefit from secure solutions that allow you to manage old documents. These solutions are our secure shred bins, designed for securing sensitive information so that it does not risk exposure.


Secure Shred Bins Protect Your Documents

When clients require scheduled shredding services, it is vital that proper storage is carried out before destruction. Secure shred bins and containers are the perfect option to ensure documents are safe and organized prior to being collected. Tri-State Shredding offers many types and sizes of containers for a variety of requirements. These containers include consoles with bags, small and large bins on wheels and larger consoles. All are built with locks to maintain your confidentiality.


Document Shredding Options

 On Site Document Shredding

Off Site Document Shredding

Hard Drive Destruction

We arrive to your location, or you bring your storage device(s) to one of our shred facilities:



If you are in the Lancaster region and need document shredding or hard drive destruction solutions, please get in touch with our team to discuss with us your options. We will make sure to come up with a collection schedule that is appropriate for your needs, regardless of your budget and location.

We will help keep you protected from non-compliance fines and the risk of information theft.

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