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Document Shredding Services – Linglestown

Tris-State Shredding is a professional document-sharing service provider.

We provide document destruction service to the Linglestown businesses and we also offer service to the public for residential matters.

Our on-site and off-site secure disposal of your sensitive documents can be customized to best suit your needs.

As Linglestown continues to grow, the number of businesses requiring shredding services grows as well. Shredding your documents is crucial, especially with the abundance of identity thieves and fraud, shredding your documents is not only critical – it’s also the law.

Why Do You Need Document Destruction?

There are many reasons why document shredding is important. Here are a few:

Why Should You Use Scheduled Document Shredding in Linglestown?

  • Scheduled paper shredding services will be the following:
  • Regular and reliable service
  • Benefit from the increased security and no loss in business productivity
  • Stay compliant with all of the federal privacy regulations

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Why Should You Choose Tri-State Shredding?

We provide various services such as on-site, off-site shredding, hard drive destruction, and scheduled document shredding.
Here are some reasons to choose Tri-State Shredding for your Linglestown business:

We’re Cost-Effective

Our services are affordable and we’re transparent with the cost of our services. We offer a flat rate per security bin, so you won’t have to guess the price. 

 We Save You Time

Using an office shredder not only wastes time, but it is not as secure as using a shredding service. Office shredders aren’t designed to shred a significant volume of paper and often break down or require maintenance. We’re here to destroy your sensitive documents securely and safely in a timely manner.

Confidentiality is Our Top Priority

At Tri-State Shredding all information is protected. We do offer lockable containers so all of your documents will be safe and locked.
After the destruction process, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction, outlining when and where the destruction took place, as well as acknowledging that it was executed according to industry standards.

We guarantee 100% security over your documents. Schedule a confidential pickup today.

Contact Tri-State Shredding

If you want to know more about our shredding services, feel free to reach out online or give us a call at (717) 233-5606.