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Shredding Services in Middletown

Tri-state is a company specializing in both on-site and off-site document and hard drive destruction in Middletown.

Tri-State is a professional document shredding service that can be done both on-site and off-site; you choose the method that best suits your needs and we’ll handle the rest.
We provide a secure and convenient way to destroy all of the documents you have.

Mobile Shredding Service

Tri-State Shredding offers secure on site shredding in Middletown, We can come to your location at your convenient time. Tri-State Shredding can perform the shredding via our mobile shred trucks. Documents are loaded onto the truck and destroyed immediately, right before your eyes. We’ll provide you with lockable collection bins that are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Use these to safely dispose of your sensitive documents, prior to shredding. We also care about the environment, ensuring that all shredded paper is collected for recycling purposes.

One Time Purge

One-time purge services allow residents and businesses in Middletown to eliminate paper clutter while keeping private information safe. Our shredding truck will arrive at the time and location you specified.

This service is ideal for One Time cleanouts and is perfect for clients who produce a low quantity of secure records over a long period.

Why Tri-State Shredding?

We’re an affordable provider

Our services are affordable and we’re transparent with the cost of our services. We offer a flat rate per security bin, so you won’t have to guess the price.

We Offer Lockable Containers

We can provide secure shredding containers to act as lockable storage for documents ready for shredding, available in various sizes. Whether you choose scheduled shredding solutions or one time purge shredding service, we determine which bins are most suited to your needs.

We keep all your confidential information safe

At Tri-State Shredding, we care about protecting your confidential documents. Shredding is conducted by our trained specialists who have received a background check for your safety. All information is protected from the moment it leaves your Middletown business. After the destruction process, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction, outlining when and where the destruction took place, as well as acknowledging that it was executed according to industry standards.

We guarantee 100% security over your documents.

Hard Drive Destruction

Tri-State shredding offers Hard drive destruction services in Middletown; If you have old hard drives or other electronic devices that need to be disposed of safely? Tri-state shredding can destroy all your personal data to avoid the risk of theft and/or data breach. We provide physical hard drive destruction services that ensure that data cannot be recovered permanently. The destruction process takes place directly in your Middletown location, where the device will be crushed into small fragments, guaranteeing total destruction.

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