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Identity theft can be a challenging crime to discover and unfortunately this growing crime continues to affect people across the country. In fact, in 2017 it was reported that 7 million consumers experienced identity theft every 2 seconds. Knowing this alarming news, it is crucial you stop and consider whether your Penbrook company could be doing more to protect its security. Remember that you have a legal obligation as a business owner to protect your customers, employees and business from the risks associated with information theft and fraud. Are you taking proactive measures to do so?

Why Do Sensitive Documents Require Shredding?

It’s easy really; professional document shredding services provide the only trusted means of privacy when it comes to the nature of your documents. A professional shredding company provides services that guarantee 100% security as a strict chain of custody is carried out, using shred equipment that is of the highest quality. You can trust in Tri-State Shredding, for all of your document shredding needs. Making the decision to partner with the professionals is the smartest step you can take to limit risks that are linked to information theft, and the decision should be an easy one! Once documents have become irrelevant to your daily business or have expired and reached the end of their lifecycle, it’s time to have them shred. Tossing these documents in your recycling bin or worse, garbage, is an immediate red flag as it welcomes the potential for theft to take place. If documents are revealed and stolen by the wrong individual who uses the data to carry out crime, you may wind up facing some serious legal penalties as a result, not to mention harm your reputation.

Sensitive information can entail much more than just documents keep in mind; your old electronic files and hard drives are flooded with data, much of it considered highly confidential in nature. With that said, these must also be properly destroyed when you’ve finished with them to prevent lost or stolen data. If exposed, electronic information can be just as paper documents which means you need to adopt the proper collection and destruction process for these, so they don’t get missed mistakenly. Did you know that one single hard drive alone, can hold up to thousands of files? Keep your clients and employees’ identity safe and protected and follow the necessary steps to ensure total security. The consequences are simply not worth risking.

How Can Tri-State Shredding Help Protect Your Penbrook Business?

When you hire the professionals at Tri-State Shredding, you will enjoy the peace of mind in knowing we have your back; we promise our clients a strict chain of custody in everything we do. We can confidently share that we are certain your Penbrook business and residents will be more than happy with our professionalism and experience; maintaining your security comes above all else and we work hard to ensure this happens throughout the entire process.

Service that is Trusted and Efficient

Maintain Compliance with Privacy Legislation

Improve Security with Ongoing Document Shredding

Many businesses in Penbrook could benefit from regular scheduled document shredding, but it can be a bother having to call and request service each time its required. Ongoing document shredding removes this hassle all together because you won’t even have to think about when your next shredding service is scheduled; it will all be predetermined for you so you can focus on business duties and not on processes that require your time and effort. Regardless of your shredding pile or service needs, if you notice documents piling up on desks or spilling out from cabinets, it is likely a good time to set up a shredding schedule; time to declutter and organize! Through our document shredding services, you will also benefit from secure solutions that allow you to manage old documents. Such solutions include lockable shred bins that are specifically designed to keep sensitive information under lock and key to reduce chances of missing or stolen documents.

Secure Shred Bins Keep Information Safe

When customers choose our scheduled shredding services, it is imperative that the necessary storage is in place before items are collected for shredding. Secure shred bins and containers provide the perfect solution to keep your records safe under lock and key, while they await destruction.  Tri-State Shredding supplies clients with a variety of bins and containers depending on your tastes, space, disposal needs, and of course budget. These containers include consoles with bags, small and large bins on wheels and larger consoles. All are built with locks for guaranteed confidentiality.

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If you are in the Penbrook area and are ready to hire professionals to look after your document shredding or hard drive destruction needs, please get in touch today to discuss with us what you require and we’ll provide you with a variety of options. We will work with you to customize a collection schedule that is ideal for your needs, regardless of your budget and location.

Our professional solutions are in place to keep you safe from non-compliance fines and the potential to fall victim to information theft.

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