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Identity theft is a real and threatening crime that unfortunately continues to occur across the York region, and throughout the rest of the country. Because cases are rising at a fast pace, it is crucial that as a business owner, you do everything in your power to keep your business and customers protected from threats such as identity theft.

Why Shred Your Sensitive Documents?

 The safest and most effective way to keep yourself protected from potential information theft, is by turning to a professional document shredding company. Records that are outdated or are no longer being referred to for business purposes, can and should be disposed of securely through destruction.  Throwing them in your garbage or recycling bin is setting yourself up for potential disaster as information will be exposed and if the wrong individual decides it is of use to them, they will steal it to carry out crime, threatening your identity and financial state.

Remember that protecting sensitive information goes beyond documents flooding your office; your hard drives and any other electronic data that has reached the end of its life cycle, must also be destroyed appropriately. Failing to look after electronic information will also leave your company vulnerable as thousands of files can be stored on one single hard drive. Not only that, you have a legal responsibility to protect your clients and employees and if personal files are discovered on an old hard drive, you could be found liable for this discovery if you did not take the measures to destroy this information.

How Can Tri-State Shredding Assist Your York Business?

When you hire the team at Tri-State Shredding, you’re relying on our trained specialists to look after your sensitive information. We can confidently say that York businesses and residents will be pleased with our level of professionalism and credentials; your security is our top priority and we will ensure you are protected throughout the entire process.

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Experience Greater Security through Ongoing Document Shredding

Many businesses in York could benefit from regular scheduled document shredding, but it can be a nuisance having to call and request service each and every time. Ongoing document shredding removes this hassle all together because you won’t even have to think about when your next shredding service is scheduled; it will all be predetermined for you so you can focus on business duties and not on processes that require your time and effort. Regardless of your shredding pile or particular service needs, if you notice documents piling up on desks or spilling out from cabinets, it is probable that a scheduled collection service may be exactly what you need! Through our document shredding services, you will also benefit from secure solutions that allow you to manage old documents. Such solutions include lockable shred bins that are specifically designed to keep sensitive information under lock and key to reduce chances of missing or stolen documents.

Secure Shred Bins Keep Documents Protected

When customers sign up for scheduled shredding services, it is crucial appropriate storage is in place leading up to the shredding process. Secure shred bins and containers provide the perfect solution to ensure documents are safe and organized before we arrive to shred them. Tri-State Shredding offers a selection of different containers to suit all circumstances. These containers include consoles with bags, small and large bins on wheels and larger consoles. All are built with locks to assure total confidentiality.

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Hard Drive Destruction

We’ll come directly to your location, or you bring your storage device(s) to one of our shred facilities:


If you are in the York region and need document shredding or hard drive destruction for your business, please reach out to us to discuss with us all your choices. We will put together a collection schedule that is ideal for your needs, regardless of your budget and location.

We will help keep you safe from non-compliance fines and the risk of information theft.

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